About Us

Thanks for visiting our website. We are the Bradford family and with a little encouragement from the kids we have created familystation.org. This website will eventually be a good reflection of who we are, what we like and where we are headed as a family.

But let us talk a little more about us. We are Sabrina and Teddy Bradford, and we live in a small town in New England. In addition, we have three children, ranging from high school to college aged. Over the years the children have kept us busy with school, friends, and outside activities. Many times, we have gone in different directions for our kid’s events and did not see each other for the day. But those days are behind us, and now we are settling down to a soon to be empty nest family. But we are not at that point yet – thankfully!

Sabrina works part time as an accountant which allows for time at home. Teddy is self employed in the construction industry. Teddy works long hours and takes pride in his profession. He does great work and is well respected in the community. Together we make a great team and are working to see that our children get a good start in life.

Speaking of children, we have three of them. Sarah is in college majoring in education. Tim just graduated high school and will be starting college shortly. Right now, he is not sure about his major. The last of the Bradford crew is Samantha who is a junior in high school. We are blessed to have three great kids who are energetic, bright and have unlimited potential in the future!

And of course, no crazy family would be complete without a few pets. Presently we have two cats in our household and a one-year old pup that are keeping us busy.

Now you know about our great family. If you have any questions or comments about our website, feel free to leave a message via the form below.