Family Fun Page

The Bradford family loves to have fun! We have a lot of activities that we enjoy as a family. Most of these are activities that we can do on our own or also as a group. Interestingly all the activities that we enjoy seeming to be directly attributed to Teddy. He was a great athlete in high school and college and many people say he is great at anything he does. However, I will not tell him that since I do not want him to have a swollen head!

As a family we enjoy a lot of outside activities. When the weather is nice, we pile into our SUV and go camping where we will fish in a creek, swim in the lake, and cook over an open fire. These camping trips have been a regular occurrence since the kids were little, and hopefully they will continue even when they are grown and do not live with us. Some of the best memories we had are from our camping trips.

Another great activity that we enjoy is bike riding. We have enjoyed many family bike trips and even have included biking during some of our vacations. At an early age we have also stressed the importance of biking safely with our kids, and they have become considerate, safe bikers. Probably we are most proud of the fact that we have ridden in a charity bike race for diabetes the past six years.

The one family activity that is owed to Sabrina is running. Since the age of ten, Sabrina has enjoyed running for fun, competition, and exercise. Sabrina was a competitive runner in junior and senior high school. Her love of running has carried over to the kids who have all had good running careers doing cross country and track and field in school. Now as a family we try to enter at least one road race each year for fun.

If you want more information on some of the family fun activities you can enjoy, we listed a few good websites for you to review.