Hello! We are the Bradford family...

...and we would like to welcome you to our little place on the internet. We are your average run of the mill family with three kids, two cats, a dog and depending on the day of the week, other assorted pets! Like all of you we have a crazy life between work, school, other activities, and home. Most days 24 hours is not enough time to get everything done!

One day our youngest child said that we have the perfect family. Of course, we were a little doubtful about the sincerity and figured they wanted something big or were in trouble. Fortunately, they were not buttering us up for anything and they had actually meant what they were saying. Who knew that they felt that way?

We have great kids and they said we should teach parenting class to the world. While it is a nice thought, I don’t thing we are qualified to do that. But what we did do was sit down and create a website – familystation.org! While this is a work in progress, and we really did not have any plans for this, we will throw some of our favorite stuff your way and see if you enjoy it.

As I said it is a work in progress and we are looking to add some other stuff in the coming months. We are planning on adding a page of our family photos (I need to get them organized first), a family tree page (we have an amazing family history that needs to be documented) and adding a few other favorites. Maybe we will even give our kids free range to create a page. Who knows what the final product will look like?

In the meanwhile, welcome to our web site. It is a simple project done mostly by me, but it helps to represent who our family is. We hope you enjoy your visit to our little corner of the world wide web and let us know what you think. You can leave a comment by using the form on our About Us page.