Family Safety Information

Back when Sarah was born (a long time ago) we did not know much about caring for a child. We had to learn by trial and error. At the time the internet was not an option to gain information, so we did the next best thing – we read as many books as we could about the subject to get up to speed.

Today parents have the ability to learn more with online searches. But the potential problems that parents and children face are still there. In fact, there are more dangers in and out of the home today, than a generation ago.

From an early age children start exploring and have a natural curiosity. Beginning at an age when they start crawling, children will reach for any object. That includes kitchen utensils, tools and other objects that could be dangerous to a child. In addition, electrical outlets are a natural fascination to children and if left unattended could result in electrocution.

The dangers are not just on the inside of the house. Outside the home you need to be careful with children around pools. A simple pool can attract children and if they fall in could result in an accidental drowning.

One of the biggest safety concerns facing parents and children are online dangers. When children are online, they are tempted to explore various avenues of the internet. Most websites are fine and will provide information and entertainment to children. However, with just visiting the wrong website, your child could be put into a chat room or address that is not appropriate for them. While there they may interact with child predators and other inappropriate individuals.

Children and the natural curiosity they possess can pose a threat for them. It is the parent’s job to educate children about potential dangers and to ensure that they remain safe inside and outside the home.

To help get you on the path of child safety, we have presented you with a few helpful websites we have found over the years. Feel free to review them and use them to keep your children safe.